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5 Questions with Opposite The Other




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5 Questions with Opposite The Other


It's very rare to hear a piano based in SA. Does your keys player come from a classical background?

We are indeed quite a piano driven sound which for us has been a natural space to create music in. Sam plays piano in the band and has not really ever had major classical training. He's actually not only a piano player but our lead vocalist and a good drummer as well.

Your coke Studio Track with Jimmy Nevis is flippen brilliant. How was it like working with a different artist? How was the song writing different your normal process?

Thank you so much and it was an absolute pleasure working with Jimmy. He's an artist who we've obviously heard and watched over the years and it was a genuine privilege to write, record and perform with him. He honestly is a great guy to hangout and work with. 

I see 2 Burger's listed as members. Are you brothers? When did you realise you could play together in a band. Does it make it any easier touring having known each other for so long?

The two Burgers are brothers and they've both been playing in different bands over the years and throughout school. The time came where they both wanted to start a band and it was an easy and natural fit. It definitely add's a different and special dynamic to touring and is therefore one of the reasons there is a level of comfort between the three of us. Touring life can be long and sometimes not that enjoyable so who you surround yourself with is incredibly important. 

While researching, I only found 5 songs. Are there plans to do a full album, I already want to hear more!

Yeah, so far we only have 5 songs. Having said that we've got another few recorded and ready to be released and loads more demos and songs in the writing process. We've been going through a few months of planning and team building with some talented and special people that will see us release a lot of new music, very, very soon. 

How important is it to you guys to recreate your studio sound live?

For us that has been something we've tried to focus on. We use a lot of technology to allow each person on stage to be playing as much as possible with the same samples/sounds used on the records. For example we use acoustic drum triggers on the drum kit to recreate unique snare sounds and we obviously also create sounds to match the record with our synths and everything of that nature. We're having a lot of fun with the process but of course we also aim to add a little something extra when we perform the songs live. 

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